Future technologies zone

DSEI 2017
ExCel London
We are constantly looking to advance our technology, searching for new ways to provide our customers with a competitive edge.
Our research and development programmes aim to improve the capability and performance of our products and services, reduce the cost of production, and provide our customers with lower through-life costs. To do this we work with a range of partners including governments, universities and small and medium-sized enterprises.


Zone floor plan


Image of our Future technologies zone at DSEI 2017


Product List

  • 1 - Human robot collaboration (cobotics)
  • 2 - Advanced manufacturing

1 - Human robot collaboration (cobotics)

scan of robot Our Collaborative Robotics demo offers an insight into the possibilities that this new generation of inherently safe robots can afford our current and future manufacturing system.

The Cobot demo shows the safe interaction between Operator and Intelligent Industrial Work Assistant in performing a real-world manufacturing task in a collaborative manner.

Cobots can optimise existing labour-intensive tasks by freeing up the Operator to focus on higher value, higher dexterity tasks, thus contributing to greater productivity. Cobots will form a foundation element of our future reconfigurable manufacturing capability.  


2 - Advanced Manufacturing

Image of apprentices being trained on the Kuka robot We are positioning our manufacturing capability to meet future product and platform demands through the targeted development and exploitation of novel materials and advanced manufacturing technologies.

The development and deployment of a highly reconfigurable, data-driven manufacturing system will greatly reduce non-recurring establishment cost and lead time. It will also enable an affordable manufacturing capability that is responsive to variable product volume and configuration.

Research, development and implementation of new technologies such as 3D printing, industrial automation, multi-method manufacture, Industry 4 and human-machine collaboration is being undertaken in an increasingly collaborative environment with our delivery partners, original equipment manufacturers and academia, to deliver a step change in our manufacturing capability.


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