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As in previous years, BAE Systems will have a major presence at the show; exhibiting a wide range of technologies and cost-effective solutions for military, security and commercial customers.
All media briefings will be held in the BAE Systems sponsored media centre. Please visit this page again closer to the event date to see any updates to this schedule, as well as links to our latest news releases. Our stand at the event with be located in the South Hall, S3-110. 

Tuesday 12 September


10:00hrs: Defending the digital world

We are in the middle of a digital revolution which is changing the way our economy and society works and the physical environment around us. As technology evolves, what it means to be secure is also changing. BAE Systems is at the forefront of this cyber security challenge, actively helping businesses of all sizes protect themselves against emerging digital threats with a wide range of tools. The threats may be different, but the fundamental issue remains the same, and businesses need to adapt to deal with new methods and technologies.
Presenter: James Hatch: Director, Cyber Services, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence.

15:45hrs: LiteHUD: From prototype to production

A small and compact head-up display, BAE Systems’ LiteHUD® offers space and weight advantages paired with the latest optical waveguide technology. Since its inception, LiteHUD has been selected for trainer platforms, light combat aircraft and full-fledged fighters alike. This briefing will chart the development of the LiteHUD system from initial prototype to offering an update on successful flight trials on a number of diverse platforms.
Presenter: Andy Humphries: Director, Head-up Displays, BAE Systems Electronic Systems


Wednesday 13 September


10:15hrs: CV90 –Innovations for the near future battlefield

The highly versatile and combat-proven CV90 now has 15 different variants in service in seven countries. An Infantry Fighting Vehicle that continues to evolve, BAE Systems Hägglunds is focused on the next phase of technology development and implementation to ensure the CV90 is ready for the future battlefield – a step-change that is just around the corner. This session will provide an overview of technologies helping to free up human cognitive resources, enabling man and machine to work together more effectively.
BAE Systems Hägglunds’ combat vehicle capabilities already include innovative system functions like ADAPTIV and BattleView 360, and will soon include Active Protection in the form of a turret-mounted countermeasure. Designed to increase crew and vehicle survivability, Active Protection is planned for integration on the Dutch Army’s fleet of CV90s, making the Netherlands the first NATO nation to use such technology. The briefing will explain how these combat vehicle technologies can support every crew member – at all levels of experience – to ensure high performance. We’ll also offer attendees the chance to experience what it’s like to be an Infantry Fighting Vehicle Commander through a CV90 virtual reality set on the BAE Systems stand.
Presenter: Dan Lindell, Platform Manager: CV90 and Peder Sjölund: Head of New Technologies, both BAE Systems Hägglunds.

11:45hrs: NAUTIS 5 – the next generation mine countermeasures and autonomy mission system

BAE Systems is launching the latest version of its flagship Mine Counter Measures System, NAUTIS 5. This next generation technology incorporates a number of new features including new and improved command and control systems for autonomous and off-board systems. This briefing will also provide a wider overview of BAE Systems’ combat systems capabilities and the innovative products and services available to its customers.
Presenter: Ric Elkington: Business Development Manager, BAE Systems Naval Ships

14:45hrs: Developing a new wearable augmented reality display

BAE Systems is combining its most advanced display, tracking and sensing technologies to develop a new augmented reality display for military and commercial customers. Debuted as a concept demonstrator at DSEI, the new technology in development is set to be the smallest, brightest and toughest wearable display on the market. The briefing will provide an overview of the technology and the progress made in its development to date.
Presenter: Rob Merryweather: Director, Strategic Growth, BAE Systems Electronic Systems.


Thursday 14 September


11:45hrs:  Meeting the challenge of unmanned technology

AT DSEI two years ago, the then-First Sea Lord Admiral Sir George Zambellas challenged industry to develop autonomous platforms that would serve a pivotal role in force projection in the future. Two years on and the exhibition is, for the first time, hosting demonstrations by an unmanned water-borne craft. Developed jointly by BAE Systems and ASV Global, the optionally-manned Pacific 950 RIB is demonstrating a number of scenarios, including its intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) capabilities; covert insertion; its role in assisting the Royal Marines board a naval vessel; unmanned overwatch capabilities and its high-speed manoeuvrability. This briefing will cover the collaborative approach taken between industry and the Royal Navy in developing this technology, as well as explaining how BAE Systems will be using its mobile command and control centre, demonstrated at DSEi this week, to help SMEs and academia develop the next stage in autonomous capability.
Presenters: Mike Woods: Business Group Engineering Manager, BAE Systems Maritime Services and Vince Dobbins: Sales and Marketing director, ASV Global

Additional presentation in the North Theatre, North Hall


Tuesday 12 September

15:00hrs: Insights from the front lines in the battle for cyber-security

In just a few years, cyber attacks have gone from a nuisance to IT security teams to regularly making global press headlines due to the scale of their impact. State and non-state actors are conducting daring intrusions into networks to steal, sabotage, and disrupt – and they’re doing so in increasingly innovative ways. This presentation will draw on the experience of BAE Systems’ Threat Intelligence and Incident Response teams, revealing first-hand details from the cases behind the headlines. It will showcase the technical details of HOW cyber attacks are conducted but also reflect on the WHO is behind them.
Presenter: Dr. Adrian Nish: Head of Threat Intelligence, BAE Systems.


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