Over the past thirty years, BAE Systems has developed specialised products, services and solutions that support UK government and her allies in all these areas.
Our capabilities help these government organisations to legally acquire, process, store, extract and share the maximum amount of intelligence from digital and voice communications and other data sources according to their local national laws.
BAE Systems is unique in that our solutions and services span the complete data lifecycle (see figure below). In some countries this enables communication service providers (CSPs), law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and government agencies to benefit from common platforms, capabilities, processes and technologies.


Our products are used by CSPs, government agencies, LEAs and national security agencies to implement solutions for:

  • Communications Service Provider Compliance – improve their regulatory compliance through our innovative and secure Lawful Interception solutions and Data Retention solutions
  • Content Monitoring – enable analysts and transcribers to effectively use intercepted communications data, such as voice and SMS, to support criminal investigations
  • Internet Protocol Investigations – Enable analysts to distill intelligence and gather evidence of criminal activity from the collection and analysis of IP metadata
  • Open Source Investigations – allows organisations to collect, mine and analyse open source data from multiple public online data sources
  • Multisource Investigations – generate a unified intelligence picture derived from analysis of data gathered from as many data sources as possible including: government/ intelligence/ commercial business/ reference/ security systems/ telephony/ IP/ open source

In the face of growing data volumes and increasing communications speeds, our solutions enable investigators to monitor and capture targeted data under warrant at scale and at wire speed, and then enable informed, intuitive analysis which catalyses unique insights with rapid outcomes. 

Explore our specialised products, services and solutions:

BAE Systems DataBridge

Our solution to help enable CSPs to meet mandatory lawful interception requirements, capturing and supplying the content and metadata of communications for targeted subjects of interest under warrant, with full management and audit trail of legal warrants.
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BAE Systems DataRetain

Our solution to enable CSPs to legally comply with government mandates for the secure collection, storage and access to communications metadata. The solution provides a seamless interface between LEAs and CSP police liaison units.
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BAE Systems IntelligenceReveal

We offer a suite of products, covering the data intelligence lifecycle from acquisition to analysis. The BAE Systems IntelligenceReveal products enable organisations to collect, search and distil intelligence from one or more data sources, and through application of advanced analytics and intuitive data visualisations, to create a unified intelligence picture with greater insights: quickly, efficiently, securely & in compliance with national legislation.

BAE Systems Cross Domain Solutions

The BAE Systems range of CDS enable organisations involved in the acquisition and analysis of data from communications and other sources, to securely exchange information between their networks. The CDS will protect and assure the confidentiality and integrity of the data in transit, but also ensure that the egress and ingress points of these networks do not become a point of entry for malware or malicious cyber activity.
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Explore our range of award winning Services:

BAE Systems has a rich heritage in the provision of a range of award winning services which help customers to secure, implement and integrate advanced digital and cyber security technology, with guidance on best practices and processes to be followed. These include cyber services, and capabilities to enable organisations to operate more efficiently and effectively within a digital environment.

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