The Serapis Framework will focus on the areas of C4ISR, space systems, synthetic environments, and simulation technology to support human capability development and has been set up to enable Ministry of Defence (MOD) and Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) to reach the most diverse expertise available.
BAE Systems Digital Intelligence has a background working with small and medium sized enterprises including non-traditional defence suppliers and academia and it will use this expertise to deliver world-class science and technology to support the Defence and Security of the UK via Serapis Lot 2.
It has partnered with four SMEs and one satellite prime (the Consortium) to progress no more than 60% of the Lot 2 Tasking over the next six years. For the remaining work, in addition to working with traditional Defence suppliers, the Company will also draw on support from the Satellite Applications Catapult, a unique partnership of top UK space universities, government agencies and the investment community set up to supporting UK SMEs through the commercial exploitation of space data and technologies, to increase engagement with the rapidly growing UK supply base.
BAE Systems and a Consortium of suppliers will work closely with the wider supply base to increase the presence of SMEs and non-traditional defence suppliers in the marketplace, creating an open, trusted environment in which all participants can thrive, irrespective of the nature and scale of contribution. The commitment is guided by the following key principles:


Serapis Lot 2 Work packages will include the following specific areas:

  • Underpinning enabling services such as space-specific analysis 
  • Fundamental and applied space research for areas such as the space environment 
  • Design and manufacture of space equipment and sub-systems
  • Space launch and range 
  • Through-life operation of satellites (including ground station)
  • Terrestrial-based space systems used for the surveillance of space 
  • The application of space systems for defence and security exploitation

Why become a Serapis Supplier?

Suppliers with the potential to operate in the space sector are encouraged to register their interest for the Serapis Lot 2 Framework for the potential to:
  • Secure work within Lot 2;
  • Gain entry into the Space and Defence market and enable engagement with the MOD, Joint Forces Command and Dstl;
  • Help to enhance capabilities in Defence and Security space systems by delivering key outcomes.

Serapis Lot 2 Registration

In order to be considered for any future work you will need to register for the Serapis Lot 2 Framework by downloading and completing the ‘Serapis Lot 2: Supplier Registration Template ’, providing your basic company details and completing the capability record, and returning the form to the BAE Systems mailbox
Once the Framework Management Team has received and assessed the initial registration form (and provided that your capabilities are relevant to the Serapis Lot 2 Framework) activities will commence to on-board you formally as a supplier to the Framework Supply Base.  Once on-boarded you will be eligible to receive  Expressions of Interest for Tasking assigned on a competitive basis or to work with other Serapis Lot 2 registered Suppliers to do the same. In addition, all Expressions of Interest will be advertised on our Serapis webpage.
You can find further information about Serapis by downloading the Frequently Asked Questions and the Framework Operations Pack. If you have any further enquiries about the Serapis registration process please contact the BAE Systems mailbox and the Framework Subcontract Manager will respond.
Please note, you also have the option to express an interest in one of the other Serapis Framework Lots by contacting the Lot Lead via the relevant email address.
  • Lot 1 -
  • Lot 3 -
  • Lot 4 -
  • Lot 5 -
  • Lot 6 -  

Please be aware that by completing registration for Serapis Lot 2 on behalf of your company or academic institution, your contact details and capabilities may be shared with the entire supplier base for Lot 2, as well as with the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory.  The same will apply should you wish to register for other Serapis Framework Lots.

Any personal data provided will only be used for the performance of contract and it may be necessary for BAE Systems Digital Intelligence to complete due diligence activities, such as background checks (involving the processing of personal data), at different stages throughout the duration of the Serapis Lot 2 Framework.  Your data will be stored for the duration of the Serapis Lot 2 Framework. To find out more about how we process personal data, please visit our privacy policy.

Serapis Lot 2 Live Expressions of Interest

For marketing material please visit the BAE Systems Digital Intelligence Serapis Press Release.

For further information on working with Dstl please visit the government website, or contact us.

Contact us for more information


Serapis Queries:
Your query will be sent to the Framework Management Team who will aim to acknowledge it within two working days.  

Download Resources

Serapis: Frequently Asked Questions

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Serapis Lot 2: Supplier Registration Template

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Serapis: Framework Operations Pack

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Serapis Lot 2: S39 – LEO ISAR Technology Demonstrator Expression of Interest

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