What used to be a stable, predictable evolution of regulation, compliance, and on the criminals’ side, evasion, has collapsed in a year of revelations.
Recent months have seen sensational information leaks about the use of offshore shell companies to hide beneficial ownership on a massive scale, a bank heist that led to massive individual money laundering efforts and a sovereign wealth fund scandal.
All have involved money laundering. These have been joined by a shock vote in the UK, one of the world’s financial centres, to leave the European Union. This is a decision that, while yet to take place, has led to a great deal of uncertainty as to what the future holds.
Meanwhile, cyber-crime and money laundering is growing and evolving at a faster pace than many organisations can detect and prevent, while staying within their industry’s regulatory requirements. The result is an uncertain and rapidly-changing global financial landscape.


Our latest report will provide you with an analysis and benchmark of the current situation. You will also find proposed remedies and suggestions how all those involved in the fight against money laundering can work together towards a positive outcome.

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How Dirty Money Moves: What you can do to fight the latest evolution of money  laundering.

How Dirty Money Moves

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Uncover the people who move dirty money - The Invisible Network


Working together against money laundering - What Lies Beneath


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