As many terrorists and organised criminals escalate their usage of cyber space to facilitate real-world crime, the data passing through organisations like yours becomes an increasingly critical link to the public authorities that are investigating and prosecuting these acts. However, it is essential and paramount to preserve public privacy in this pursuit and technology can achieve that delicate balance - when you have the right set of capabilities.
To help you understand what this means, we have identified five keys areas to help you work out the best way to comply effectively with your obligations (e.g. Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act or CALEA):
  • Understanding the requirements; a critical first step
  • Utilise existing resources to meet regulations with built in resilience
  • Provide only the data that is requested - respect privacy
  • Extract data for all key services including new ones
  • Minimise cost of deployment and demonstrate value
To learn more about the five things you need to know, we invite you to download our whitepaper on the righthand side of this page.

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