The COVID-19 pandemic has once again reminded us of the key role that the healthcare sector plays in our daily lives. Not only do healthcare providers need to save lives, they also need to do this in a safe and secure environment, which keeps cyber threats at bay.
Using experts in our Threat Intelligence team, we have created an infographic to highlight and explain the increasingly sophisticated tactics being targeted at the healthcare sector.
Cyber Threats to Healthcare - Download the Full Infographic

Cyber Threats to Healthcare - Download the Full Infographic

Healthcare organisations should implement the following mitigations:

  • Implement a least-privilege policy on your web servers as well as introducing a demilitarized zone (DMZ) between the corporate systems and the web-facing applications
  • Consider disabling remote access to administration panels and avoid the use of default authentication credentials
  • Use a reverse proxy to restrict accessible URLs to only trusted sources
  • Remind individuals to refrain from opening emails and attachments from untrusted or unfamiliar sources
  • Block or monitor file types that are not normally needed for business operations (e.g. ISO files) or should not be delivered as email attachments

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