Enterprise Security focuses on defending a single network, such as that of a public or private sector organisation, and Defending the Nation extends that challenge to multiple organisations and sectors, as well as against a broad spectrum of threats. Our Cyber Portfolio supports customers in both these areas, through products and services that help organisations adapt and respond to the threats and opportunities in the digital realm.

Cyber Security

Learn how our Threat Intelligence team is tracking 205 state and high-end criminal groups and last year discovered 130 government organisations compromised by state actors

Delivering the Mission

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How we help: The BAE Systems Cyber Portfolio

Our Cyber Portfolio includes products and services spanning risk advisory and governance, security testing, incident response, designing and building national level cyber defence capability and the security management of enterprise networks.

The BAE Systems Cyber Portfolio has evolved over many years from research and the work conducted with customers who take security very seriously. Our cyber products and services are designed around the end-to-end security needs of our clients.

Enterprise Security

Explore our range of Enterprise Security Services

Our Enterprise Security family supports customer network defence through provision of expert consulting services and specialist solutions and products.
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National Cyber Mission

Explore our range of National Cyber Mission Services

Our National Cyber Mission portfolio is exclusively for government customers in National Security and Defence sectors
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Cyber Security Services

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