Already considered an essential part of the critical national infrastructure (CNI), communications service providers (CSPs) and telecoms operators support national security and law enforcement through implementation of lawful intercept (LI) and lawful disclosure of retained data across all service offerings, as well as ensuring compliance to cybersecurity standards.
The telecoms sector continues to evolve rapidly and many operators are at a crucial point in their evolution. Cloud adoption, next generation networks and digital transformation can unlock exciting and profitable new digital services. Yet, new national cyber security guidelines being implemented expect an increased focus on cyber defence and continuous cyber monitoring. There continues to be a challenge to balance between agility, security and automation.

To help CSPs meet their regulatory obligations and protect their networks and customers, BAE Systems Digital Intelligence has developed several world leading solutions including:

  • BAE Systems DataRetain for Lawful Disclosure of Retained Data:  As directed by individual national legislation, CSPs must keep records of pre-specified communications metadata, securely storing that metadata and making it available for requests from LEAs after they obtain the required approvals. 
  • BAE Systems DataBridge for Lawful Intercept: As part of their regulatory obligation, CSPs must provide access to their network for lawful intercept purposes, covering all the services they provide to the public. Intercepted data is audited and handed to law enforcement to combat serious crimes and protect national security. 
  • Cyber Services for Telecommunications: BAE Systems is a world leader in cyber advisory, incident response, malware reverse engineering, threat intelligence & security testing, with a specific focus on threats and compromises against critical national infrastructure and governments. Getting cyber right is challenging. Today’s security is multi-layered and zero-trust.

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