Our environment

We recognise we have a responsibility to act in a way that respects the environment. We promote environmental awareness among staff and seek their active participation in minimising the environmental impact of our business operations. We seek to conserve energy and natural resources by minimising waste, recycling where possible and by maximising our use of renewable resources.

As part of our work for the public sector, we’re involved in the Carbon Disclosure Project, which is part of the Government’s Sustainable Procurement Action Plan. Under this Plan, we buy environmentally friendly consumables and appliances; we review and report our CO2 emissions, which come from staff travel by rail, car and air; and we calculate our carbon footprint on an annual basis.
We promote a car-share scheme in the UK (Guildford) and provide additional facilities throughout our offices to encourage members of staff to cycle to work. We also manage and report energy consumption, waste production and recycling across all of our offices.


Health and safety

We are committed to ensuring high standards of health, safety and welfare for our employees, contractors and others affected by the company's undertakings.
We will provide safe and healthy work places and practices for employees and the wider community, and therefore ensure that our employees are given such information, instruction, training and supervision as is reasonably necessary to enable safe and healthy performance of work activities.
All employees are encouraged to participate in the development of high levels of awareness and to develop a positive culture towards safety management.

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