What We Do

Services, Products and Solutions
Our services, solutions and products span customers in Law Enforcement, National Security, Central Government and Government Enterprises, CNI, Telecommunications, Financial Service Organisations, Military and Space
Using the latest technology, best practices and processes, combined with expertise gained from over forty years of application, we support our customers by helping:
  • Empower them to detect the threats they face, both physical and cyber, and to defend themselves against them
  • Transform their organisations so that they operate securely and thrive in the digital world
  • Maximise use of legacy business systems, mapping investments in new technology to old
  • Secure their communications, in land, sea, air, and space
  • Protect the availability of their Critical National Infrastructure services
  • Support Communications Service Providers in meeting statutory national requirements for Lawful Interception and the Lawful Disclosure of Retained Data.
Our expertise covers many areas but is built upon the foundations of expertise, knowledge and technology in the areas of cyber, digital transformation, advanced analysis and analytics, communications intelligence, multi-source intelligence, telemetry and wireless.
Our strength is our people, the commitment they hold to making things better, to solving problems others cannot, and the experience, knowledge and skills they have gained from working with our customers over many years.
We work with customers on projects spanning weeks to many years, and can help deliver solutions and engineering projects, often involving the coordination of many partners and the delivery of complex engineering at scale.

Explore our range of services, products and solutions:

BAE Systems Digital Intelligence Services


BAE Systems Digital Intelligence offers a range of services in different, but increasingly related domains.
BAE Systems Digital Intelligence Products


BAE Systems Digital Intelligence offers a range of off-the-shelf BAE Systems brand-name products in different application areas.
BAE Systems Digital Intelligence Solutions


BAE Systems Digital Intelligence offers a range of solutions in different areas, where we combine tailored software and hardware to fulfil the requirements and serve the needs of users for specific applications.