Vodafone is the world’s second-largest mobile telecommunications company with networks inover 30 countries. Vodafone operates its own 3G mobile network and provides handsets and devices including smart phones and tablets as well as broadband access to millions of UK subscribers.
Mobile Optimised Sales Channel

The challenge

Vodafone UK were early to market in creating a mobile site to promote its handsets to both existing and potential customers. However, in order to optimise sales through this channel they wanted to enhance the user experience and ensure compatibility across a wider range of devices.

Vodafone also wanted to improve the site’s maintenance processes to ensure accuracy of prices and display of its full range of products. Vodafone needed a digital agency who could design an optimised mobile user experience, and who knew how to take full advantage of mobile technologies. BAE Systems were was asked to apply its mobile framework approach to incorporate best practice in both user experience design and mobile technology application.

What we did

Mobile Optimised Sales Channel Key to the project’s success was a keen understanding of how to exploit HTML5 and CSS3 to improve user experience functionality and address the technical limitations.

We developed the user experience using ‘simplicity’ principles, and incorporated swipe gestures and slide transitions that are more appropriate for touchscreen handsets. A new, fresher look and feel was developed, designed to fit the smaller screens – and action buttons and bounce responsiveness designed for fingerprint sizes were created.

We adopted a progressive enhancement build approach – to ensure that lower end handsets were able to access the site and have an experience appropriate to ‘pointer’ screens. New templates were created to improve content management, allowing for a cost effective and simple maintenance process.

All functionality and services were delivered to work seamlessly across multiple handsets and operating systems including iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

The results

Vodafone have become first to market in providing the capability for customers to upgrade and buy handsets via their mobile device. This is a significant competitive advantage. The mobile channel now accounts for a significant percentage of sales.

The increased reach of the site has resulted in a 44% uplift in sales. Furthermore, the improved user experience, including the mobile rich experiences of swipe gestures, slide transitions and bounce responsiveness, have resulted in an improvement to customers perception of the Vodafone brand. As a result net promoter scores, a measure of customer loyalty, have seen a 75% improvement.

Vodafone are now proud that their purchasing experience via a handset effectively utilises ‘simplicity’ principles and best mobile practice to deliver a world class mCommerce site.

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