Game Changing Insights
Game Changing Insights I remember my first GPRS/WAP package from Vodafone which was £7.49/month for 1MB, and £4.99 for each extra 1MB. Today that money buys 1GB, with “unlimited” plans around £15. The price has declined an enormous 1000-fold in 15 years. Competition is driving this, stimulated by advanced new services, enabled by better handsets, powered by faster air interface technology.
Arguably, mobile companies today offer a commoditised service, much like water or electricity and are always looking for value-add to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

This presents a revenue challenge that some say only the exploitation of data can rise to.

new and valuable intelligence

A large proportion of service provider spend goes on building and operating the network, so anything which can be done to make spending more efficient is very valuable. Similarly, anything which can be done to retain subscribers, and attract new ones, is also impactful. By working in the intersection of these two areas, we can deliver new and valuable intelligence.

Let’s suppose subscriber behaviour is causing a localised network performance issue at certain times. Currently, the service provider can provision new capacity to cope with that peak, or reduce quality of service for all by allowing existing capacity to be over-utilised.
Our big data solution identifies the top ‘x’ subscribers responsible, characterises their behaviour, and gives the service provider an opportunity to offer them a new tariff which incentivises them to change their behaviour in a way which addresses the capacity issue.
By designing the new tariff around that group’s needs, strong take-up will ensue. By offering that tariff only to that subscriber group, marketing spend will be optimised. By offering a tariff closely tuned to that subscriber group’s needs, differentiation is achieved, leading to increased loyalty and additional revenue. By managing the capacity demand, improved service quality and reduced network spend are realised.
Is it time to take a look at whether you’re unlocking gamechanging insights from your big data sources without time consuming and costly investment in new infrastructure and skill sets?