The Business Value of Managed Security Services

Outsourced security solutions save money, improve network security posture and maximise the efficiency of existing corporate resources
The business value of managed security servicesBoth large and small organisations struggle to adequately secure their networks and achieve compliance. Network security threats are up – more viruses are being detected, more malware is on the network, more spam is filling up inboxes, and more phishing attempts are being made. In short, the number and sophistication of threats is skyrocketing putting business success at risk.
For many organisations, outsourcing network security services appears to be the logical choice. Yet many business decision makers dismiss the managed security service (MSS) option out of hand, fearing the loss of control over the network.
Many confuse the concept of control with the concept of execution. Leading managed security service providers (MSSPs) work closely with their clients to implement and proactively manage network security to meet specific and often unique client requirements. The client passes off the execution of security issues to the MSSP, without relinquishing control over their network.
MSS Providers excel in three major areas:
  • providing a cost effective, robust security solution
  • enabling 24x7x365 access to highly skilled network security experts
  • providing in-depth experience with regulatory compliance
Discover the full business benefits of Managed Security Services (MSS) in light of the enormous network security challenges organisations face today.