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Cyber Security research reveals ignorance is putting businesses at risk
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The cyber threat is constantly evolving, organised criminals and other adversaries are becoming increasingly sophisticated and ambitious in their campaigns against businesses.  Do businesses really know just how common and widespread cyber attacks are? A recent investigation by BAE Systems Applied Intelligence suggests not.

Cyber Threat Monitoring - Take the Test79% of UK businesses believe they have appropriate security in place, however, 57% were attacked in the past year.


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Recent BAE Systems research, which surveyed  business leaders on their cyber security preparedness in the event of a serious network breach, showed that one in five don’t know if their organisation has the right security controls in place. Many of those who are confident about their defences admit they have not had their incident response plans tested for at least six months.
The research highlighted that 79% of respondents believe that they have the appropriate security controls in place to defend against cyber attacks. And yet more than half (57%) of those surveyed said they had experienced a cyber attack in the past year – with the average cost being revealed as at least £330,000.

Malware Prevention Take the Test1 in 5 UK businesses are not confident they could return to business as usual within 48 hours of a cyber attack.


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New online assessment tool 

In response to this research we have launched a new online cyber security assessment tool which highlights strengths and weaknesses in an organisations’ cyber security preparedness and gives advice on how to make improvements.  
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BAE Systems help organisations understand and manage their cyber risk and offer leading cyber security capabilities to manage threat intelligence, detect and investigate unknown cyber threats, including advanced persistent threats and zero-day attacks. We are CREST and CESG certified to provide cyber incident response services to government, critical national infrastructure and other operators of nationally significant networks.

Incident Management - Take the Test47% of UK businesses have not tested their cyber incident response plan in the last 6 months.


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