SWIFT Customer Security Programme

Rely on us to help you secure your SWIFT-related environment
If you’re a SWIFT customer, you’ll know about the deadline to meet the new Customer Security Controls Framework requirements: 31st December 2017.

We’ve been working with SWIFT since July 2016 to provide rapid insight, advice and solutions to SWIFT customers.

As a major cyber security and financial crime specialist, we’re uniquely positioned to help you assess and comply with the Framework’s requirements – and make sure your institution is protected from compromise. 

To find out if you are ready for the Framework, use our five minute online assessment tool to learn where you’re ahead of the game, and where we can help you meet the new standard.


How we help:



We use our collective experience and in-depth knowledge of the SWIFT Customer Security Controls framework to contribute to achieving high performance and evaluating the risks associated with the SWIFT 27 controls. Our team will work with you to perform a gap analysis of your SWIFT-related environment and provide a view of the current and desired state of your controls. This can include testing controls to advise on their effectiveness and assisting you in getting ready for attestation. 
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Technical Services

BAE Systems technical services team is steeped in the technical assessment techniques and threat intelligence capability required for SWIFT readiness.
We have tailored our threat intelligence, penetration testing, vulnerability assessment and incident response services specifically to the needs of SWIFT community clients.
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Managed Detect & Respond 

Our Managed Detect and Respond service can help detect and respond to known SWIFT IOCs, as well as other suspicious behaviour often associated with financial crime. We led the industry in analysing the details of the Bangladesh Bank heist and have unrivalled expertise in detecting, deterring and responding to such events.
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