Today’s advanced cyber attacks are capable of penetrating the most sophisticated security architectures without detection. Those who wish to threaten society are well resourced and organised, often with backing from nation states or crime syndicates. New threats can materialise rapidly. Detecting and mitigating threats in a timely and cost-effective way while respecting privacy laws is a major challenge.

How can we help?

BAE Systems has been working with nations, government and law enforcement agencies (LEAs) for over forty years. We help empower them to detect the threats they face, and defend themselves against them.  As the world has become increasingly dependent on the internet and information technology, our expertise has developed to help our customers stay ahead of those who would cause us harm.
  • Our threat analytics solutions can detect, prevent and respond to the most sophisticated cyber attacks
  • We are experts in communications intelligence, data enrichment, analysis and visualisation
  • We help analysts counter emerging threats. We help them formulate intelligence and distribute it rapidly and securely to the point of need
  • We support our customers and partners with knowledge transfer, training and recruitment
  • We understand the need to balance privacy with intelligence-gathering. Our threat defence solutions operate within the correct governance of approved local and national legislation.
BAE Systems can help you defend your country’s people, economy and infrastructure from online and offline threats. To find out more, contact us today or select your area of interest from the options below.


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