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We’re on the frontlines of protecting retail organisations from cyber criminals. Information technology is crucial to success for today’s retailers.

Staying ahead of cyber fraud

Besides exposing customer information, breaches can be financially detrimental to a retail organisation.
Fines for breaches are substantial and a retailer will typically suffer a tremendous financial loss after a breach occurs, with lawsuits, notification expenses, and customer losses due to reputational damage.
It is up to the retailer to maintain the best security for their network to prevent breaches or uncover holes before hackers compromise them.

Regulations have been put in place by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to provide a framework for protecting cardholder information.

Our solutions have been specifically mapped to PCI-DSS regulations

These services offer your organisation the broadest coverage from a risk mitigation standpoint.
These technologies are specifically called out in the regulation (or sub-component of the regulation) and are necessary for all merchants.
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