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Our industry expertise and experience from working with financial institutions around the globe allows us to build and continually refine industry specific solutions for a range of financial institutions including banking, capital markets and insurance.
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With more data, an increasing number of channels, demand for quicker transactions, and the ever-changing regulatory landscape, staying ahead of compliance risk and fraud prevention has become more complex and expensive than ever before.
Technology is changing the way financial institutions interact with their customers. These very same advances are being exploited by criminals. Now, attackers can carry out fraudulent or criminal transactions in minutes, all while remaining anonymous. The techniques and approaches used to commit money laundering, terrorist financing and fraud continue to converge.
Every transaction leaves a digital footprint but traditional rule-based systems often miss suspicious transactions or incorrectly select legitimate transactions for further investigation. It’s both time-consuming and wasteful. The NetReveal® solutions from BAE Systems unlock the intelligence hidden in your data – helping your organisation to accurately identify and prevent financial crime.
NetReveal identifies unusual and suspicious behaviors hidden in the vast, constant flow of data moving around your institution. It combines predictive entity-level analytics with advanced social network analysis, to help identify risk, criminal rings and fraud. Our in-depth industry expertise coupled with innovative and powerful technology solutions, means that NetReveal can identify irregular activity earlier with greater efficiency than conventional systems.
The solution significantly improves operational efficiency and transforms investigator effectiveness. Advanced analytics capabilities with machine learning techniques deliver a range of metrics to help tune and improve operational performance. RPA is integral, with routine tasks that are automated to enable investigators to focus more on high value strategic investigative work that they are skilled to do.
How Dirty Money Moves - The state of play in money laundering

Analysis of the current state of play in money laundering as well as proposed remedies and solutions. Uncover the truth about how dirty money moves. Download How Dirty Money Moves AML Report.



Analyst Recognition

BAE Systems named a “Category Leader” in the Chartis Financial Crime Risk Management Systems: AML and Watch List Monitoring 2019 Vendor Landscape report.

Chartis, Financial Crime Risk Management Systems: AML and Watchlist Monitoring 2019

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