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Advanced and National Cyber Secure Operation Centres

For nations to be able to enjoy the benefits of a resilient and secure cyberspace, it is critical that they are able to build a comprehensive intelligence picture of cyber threats at a national level.
This can be achieved through the integration of cyber intelligence from multiple sources, including the Security Operation Centres (SOCs) of individual organisations and businesses.
In addition, the SOCs which protect each government organisation, as well as those that defend businesses and critical national infrastructure, must all be made more effective to provide greater defence in the face of the contemporary threat landscape.
To realise these needs, BAE Systems can now help nations, governments and Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) protect their citizens from harm and secure their networks from the most advanced, hostile attackers, in two very unique ways:
  • The development, creation and operation of Advanced Security Operation Centres (ASOC)
  • The creation and operation of National Cyber Security Operation Centres (NCSOC)
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