By Business Objective

Reduce Risk

BAE Systems protects governments and businesses of all sizes
At its core, security is about applying expertise, intelligence, services and tools to reduce risk.
Automated security controls can reduce risk, and analytics and intelligence can empower security experts to make good risk management decisions.
BAE Systems provides cyber security platforms and a comprehensive set of cloud security services, built and delivered by the industry’s foremost security experts to help you reduce risk and invest your resources for maximum business impact.

How we can help you

We help our customers secure their infrastructure as well as their critical communications. By investing intelligently, you are able to protect against costly breaches, loss or theft of data, preserving brand and reputation – all of which means a healthy bottom line.
Our security on tap approach makes it easy to achieve your business goals without security worry.

Reduce communications risk

Email, instant messaging and other automated communication is your company’s most critical business service. Keeping it secure, compliant and highly available can be a surprisingly challenging problem. To remain competitive, you need to provision your employees quickly, and manage their mailboxes efficiently.
But to keep email clean, you need third party anti-virus and anti-spam engines. Then there’s the archiving system your auditors and legal counsel demand, the business continuity features your CIO needs, and the support for new mobile devices your employees are clamouring for.
BAE Systems addresses all of these requirements to reduce the cost and complexity of communications that otherwise can quickly spiral out of control and distract you from your core business.

Reduce infrastructure risk

We simplify life by providing cyber security platforms and a comprehensive suite of cloud security solutions that secure your network and more importantly your users and their data.

From foundational security threat management, 24/7 monitoring and vigilance, vulnerability and log management and proactive alerting, our security-as-a-service approach means you can focus on your core business, with the confidence to move forward without security worry.
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