By Business Objective

Reduce Costs and Complexity

BAE Systems protects governments and businesses of all sizes
BAE Systems understands that the evolution of information technology has led to an increasingly complex and costly security environment for your organisation.
Organisations are faced with differing security platforms, multiple management consoles and several reporting systems – all of which can lead to a complicated security infrastructure.

Making serious security simple

Challenged to keep up with core business duties and with limited resources to maintain their information security posture, IT staff struggle to optimise and manage their complex environment while meeting the mandate to reduce operational expense and increase productivity.
Here at BAE Systems we provide a complete portfolio of security solutions to help organisations of all sizes manage their security needs in a cost effective and simple manner.

How we can help you

  • A single trusted partner - one partner for all your secure communications and infrastructure needs. That means fewer vendors to manage, fewer numbers to remember, far better service and lower cost of ownership
  • Economies of scale - economic advantages driven by our years of expertise and our secure, private cloud that monitors, analyzes and correlates more than 425 million security events each week for our customers
  • Simple, predictable pricing - we give you a simple, predictable monthly operational expenditure based on your elastic usage. Gone are the days of unpredictable and lumpy capital expenditures and unexpected per-event pricing
  • Ongoing technology updates and innovations - by using the BAE Systems cloud, you are free of on-premise software and hardware updates and upgrades that drain time and resources. We provide you with a cloud service that is always up-to-date while constantly adding feature innovations.
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