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Protect the Cloud

We have been the leader in secure cloud services for over 17 years
Cloud computing has changed the way we do business, opening up countless opportunities for businesses to empower mobile workforces, scale customer offerings and focus on core, revenue-generating activities rather than supporting complex and costly infrastructures.
But as with any new technology paradigm, the cloud brings a new set of complications, some legitimate and others exaggerated. But with all the buzz and hype, how do businesses know they are focused on the right priorities?

Cloud confidence that moves you

At BAE Systems, we remove the fear, uncertainty and doubt that can accompany a move to the cloud.
We’ve been the leader in secure cloud services for over seventeen years, since well before “cloud” became such a ubiquitous buzzword. Over the years, we have developed unparalleled cloud expertise, allowing us to be your trusted advisor.

Cloud security

The days of just securing the network perimeter are long past; as data and applications have moved to the cloud, security must follow. Fortunately, there are actually security advantages to moving to the cloud and increasingly mobile roaming workforces are better protected than ever thanks to cloud security.

Embracing the cloud often means trusting another party with your data, and businesses are correct to be cautious. Businesses should demand full documentation of the security controls that will protect their data in the cloud. At BAE Systems, security is our lifeblood, and we take it extremely seriously.

A compliant cloud

We subject ourselves to the same rigorous regulatory oversight as our customers, and provide full transparency through AICPA SOC 2 Type 2 documentation of our premier control environment. Our 24/7/365 team of security experts are the best in the business, and their top priority is keeping your data safe.

Cloud migration

IT infrastructures are by nature complex, and businesses have invested millions of dollars in tuning, configuring and responding to end-user feedback. We understand these significant investments, which must be preserved in any migration to the cloud. Our team of migration experts have migrated thousands of businesses just like yours. We have perfected the art of making your move to the cloud a snap, preserving your data and making the whole experience transparent to your employees.

Ease of use

We give you as much control over your cloud experience as you desire. Your business users won’t notice a difference, and roaming users will be thrilled to transparently have the protective blanket of cloud security around them wherever they go. For power users and company administrators, we provide complete configurability, empowering your organisation to tailor our services to your own unique requirements with our simple and intuitive, yet powerful administrative interface.

Ease of purchase

We believe secure cloud services should be as easy to buy and easy to use as a utility. We pride ourselves on being easy to do business with, and we make it easy to grow with us as your needs change. Our security on tap approach makes adding additional users easy, and our pricing models are simple to understand. Gone are the days of bizarre and cryptic per-event pricing schemes.
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