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Protect Industry and Critical National Infrastructure

We offer tailored solutions across the full industry value chain, helping clients achieve high performance through our deep industry knowledge, innovation and leading technology
Energy and utilities organisations, including many of the organisations that constitute our critical national infrastructures, are facing common challenges that call for increasingly active risk management, compliance and cyber security solutions to both maximise their defence against cyber attack and exploit growth opportunities.


Industrial organisations face complex challenges

  • Operating profitably and efficiently in a globalised, highly competitive and regulated market
  • Managing the opportunities and risks in adopting new technologies across the extended enterprise: this includes, where appropriate, merging the traditional separate environments of Operational Technology (OT), which lie at the heart of industrial operations, with IT business environments
  • Ensuring end-to-end systems assurance of risk management, cyber security and fraud compliance
  • Avoiding business interruption in the digital age and protecting commercially sensitive information and critical infrastructure from malicious cyber attack
Energy and utilities organisations, their supply chains, regulators and policy makers are all tackling these complex, inter-related issues. The effective protection of sensitive information, industrial operating systems and critical national infrastructure must be a universal priority for these industries.

We help energy and resources organisations to be

  • Safe - by assuring the integrity of operational safety systems
  • Efficient - by protecting system availability and allowing the secure transfer of data
  • Resilient - by enabling visibility of intelligence across the enterprise and exploiting the intelligence needed to make informed, risk-based decisions promoting growth and maintaining your competitive advantage.
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