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By Business Objective

Detect and Monitor for Cyber Attacks

BAE Systems helps governments and businesses of all sizes detect cyber attacks
Targeted Cyber Attacks

Cyber threats are constantly evolving - becoming more sophisticated, targeted and sustained.
Traditional forms of security (Firewalls, IDS/IPS, Antivirus, Vulnerability Management etc.) are no longer enough to stop Advanced Persistent Threats. To protect yourself, your business and your reputation from the risk of cyber attack, you need a new way of monitoring activity with your network across all geographies and correlating it together so that it can be analysed, interpreted and acted upon.
To help businesses have better visibility into network activity across their business estate, and to see the hidden patterns of events that may indicate suspicious behaviour or provide warning of a future cyber threat, BAE Systems offers CyberReveal™, a suite of products for enhancing cyber security operations and protecting your business in the connected world.
The solution is a true big data security analytics and investigation platform, bringing together our heritage in network intelligence, big data analytics and cyber threat research into a unique enterprise-scalable product.
Our CyberReveal suite enables integrated threat intelligence management, big data behavioural analytics based detection, log data querying and assessment, with context enrichment and investigation to support an enhanced and effective security operations function.
Our solution provides security analysts with a single view of network activity across the whole IT estate and detects attackers by their behaviour, not just by the signatures of previously encountered attacks. It prioritises suspicious activity against the latest threat intelligence and attack models, enriching security alerts with business, open source and third party data.

Key benefits to you

  • EfficiencySignificantly improves analyst productivity and drives more value from existing security monitoring systems
  • Threat Finds the most sophisticated, targeted threats and can be extended to monitor any threat
  • Scale Scales affordably to any organisation
  • Decision Making Allows security analysts to make fast informed decisions
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