Smart Transport

The transport industry generates huge amounts of data every day. BAE Systems helps transport providers increase productivity by transforming their data into powerful insights.

Building on our long heritage of data analysis through ‘smart transport’, we’re developing a brand new capability designed to help transport firms plan ahead.


We have outlined the following needs:

    • How can I predict and so prevent future failures?
    • How can I recognise repeat failures and understand their root cause?
    • How can I optimise my maintenance schedule (planned & unplanned)?
    • How can I improve availability & so capacity?
    • How will issues with other companies units / infrastructure effect mine?
    • How will my operational response impact network performance?
    • How will my operational response impact customers?
    • What happened yesterday / last time and why?
    • Where are my customers travelling to and from?
    • What should I do to increase capacity on the network?
    • How can I predict and prevent recurring deviations from the schedule?
    • How can I improve long term scheduling?
    • How will demand on the network change?
    • What are the areas of pain on the network?
    • How can I model impacts of infrastructure changes?
    • How can I model impacts of external changes on demand for my infrastructure?
    • How can I help customers plan routes?
    • How can I provide in-transit alerts (delays, weather)?
    • How can I recognise a customer and personalise alerts?
    • How can I profile locations and journeys on transport availability and travellers?
    • How can I detect cyber threats?
    • How can I predict cyber threats?
    • How can I prevent cyber threats?
    • What should I do when faced with a cyber threat?

Data Turbine

Our pilots are underpinned by our data turbine capability which allows us to rapidly ingest a wide range of data sets to provide situational and maintenance analysis.

Experience Data Turbine