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BAE Systems builds strong, mutually beneficial relationships with partners by providing a highly profitable line of Managed Security Services (MSS) and compliance solutions
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BAE Systems builds strong, mutually beneficial relationships with partners by providing a highly profitable line of Managed Security Services (MSS) and compliance solutions. Whether you are a data center, hosting, cloud or, telco service provider partnering with BAE Systems lets you go to market with our award-winning security solutions. These services include complete service delivery by BAE Systems and 24x7 monitoring and management by our team of expert security analysts.

Standing Out From Your Competitors

Managed Security Services is an industry game changer for our partners. Our comprehensive suite of distinctive products, services, and compliance solutions allow our partners to differentiate themselves and provide more value, which in turn helps them to win business.

New And Recurring Revenue

With subscription-based Managed Security Services you will generate new revenue with an expanded menu of security and compliance offerings. BAE Systems handles all service delivery and support for our partners, so your offerings and revenue opportunities will continue to expand with minimal investment on your end. Recurring revenue is built in with a monthly and/or annual subscription model.

Increased Deal Size

Our suite of Managed Security Services and compliance solutions integrate seamlessly into your core service offerings, promoting larger deal size, opportunities for add-on sales, and the ability to deliver flexible, customizable security solutions to your customers.

High Margins, High Customer Retention

Managed services are inherently sticky. When customers find a security model that delivers protection, compliance, reduced capital expenditures, and improved productivity, they are extremely reluctant to switch providers. By layering our fully managed and monitored security offerings with your existing services, your customer retention and satisfaction rates will improve.

Cloud Security Solutions

The virtualised versions of our services are scalable, provide high-availability, and deliver security at the gateway or at the individual virtual machine level. With BAE Systems Managed Security Services for the cloud, we are the first Managed Security Service Provider to offer scalable, flexible security from a single virtual security appliance. Our virtual offerings reduce or eliminate capital expenditures on hardware, free up rack space, and minimise additional demands for power.

Security Simplified

Our security analysts will assist your engineering and support teams or work directly with the customer’s — whichever option best suits your business model. We are fully engaged throughout solution implementation and provide 24x7 network monitoring and management as part of the base subscription. Additionally, we provide marketing and sales support throughout the customer acquisition process, working hand-in-hand with your in-house resources to deliver an effective, high-impact sales experience to your prospects.

Seamless Integration With Your Infrastructure

BAE Systems’s suite of Managed Security Services and third-party audited compliance solutions can be deployed in a dedicated, cloud, and hybrid environment. Whether you are a datacenter, co-location facility, hosting provider, or a Telco we can integrate quickly and seamlessly into your network and support staff.

Our deployment options include:

o    Dedicated
o    Virtual Cloud
o    Hybrid
o    UTM Fortinet FortiGate/Cisco

No Upfront Fees

A BAE Systems partnership requires no upfront investment from the partner. We don’t make money until you do.


If you have a question or  would like to apply to become a partner with us, please email us at You will receive a response within 24hrs.
For urgent responses, please call the central Alliances and Channels team on +44(0)1483 817612 or our Partner toll free number: 00 1 800 511 2030.