Ranked as a ‘Top Player’ in Cloud Business Email

Radicati ‘Cloud Business Email - Market Quadrant 2015’ ranks BAE Systems as a ‘Top Player’

Email SecurityThe Radicati ‘Cloud Business Email - Market Quadrant 2015’ report explores how vendors sit within the current market through an evaluation based on both functionality and market share.

The report defines a ‘Top Player’ as “…the current leaders of the market, with products that have built up large customer bases. Vendors do not become ‘Top Players’ overnight.”

Our portfolio of secure and compliant email communications, collaboration and infrastructure services meet the rigorous demands of today’s business leadership to provide trusted, valuable solutions.

Radicati says, “BAE Systems provides customers with a wide range of enterprise-grade cloud services that leverage its strong expertise in secure services to deliver robust built-in security.”

“BAE offers a wide range of security and compliance services that other service providers in this market do not, including web security, vulnerability management, log management, brand protection, event monitoring and response, and UTM management to round out their Network Security Service portfolio,” concludes Radicati.

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