• Inform: We inform customers of their cyber risk through understanding the impact of cyber attacks, the threat landscape, as well as specific vulnerabilities. These form the key parts of the cyber risk equation (where Risk = Impact x Threat x Vulnerability) and enable customers to make better risk balanced decisions for their network defence.
  • Secure: Securing data and networks continues to be the cornerstone of network defence. We offer specialist solutions to enable communication across high-trust to low-trust networks, via high-assurance gateways. This area includes both hardware appliances as well as expert consultants on network segmentation.
  • Build & Run: Many organisations are faced with the challenge of transforming, managing, or operating their existing cyber security function. This is particularly difficult where skilled resources are limited. Our consultants have expertise in both the security tools and processes used in large enterprises, and we are hands-on in running aspects of customer security for dozens of organisations across the UK, Europe, AsiaPac, and Australia.
  • Respond: When the worst happens, organisations need to be able to turn to someone they trust to help them investigate an incident or breach. We have over 20 years of experience doing digital forensics and incident response, including responding to major attacks against enterprise networks. Our team are CREST certified and our services are accredited as part of the NCSC CIR scheme. 
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Cyber Security Services Portfolio Diagram

Cyber Security Services Portfolio Diagram