Supply Chain Optimisation

Supply Chain Optimisation
Global operational excellence and insight-driven supply chain transformation
For all the talk of digital giants and online business, for organisations still reliant on creating and moving goods in the physical world, optimisation of the supply chain remains critical to business performance.
Supply chain costs can represent 70% or more of an organisation’s cost base. For global supply chains – split across multiple internal and external parties and across multiple systems – it is all too easy for waste, inefficiency and risk to creep in without management realising – with higher costs and poor business performance the result.

A 2.5% improvement in supply chain efficiency can translate to a 5% profit increase.

The supply chain and third party suppliers also increasingly represent risk to organisations. A supply chain failure can be make or break for your business – whether protecting against operational failure or cyber attack, risk management in the supply chain is now also critical to protecting the bottom line. 

A unique supply chain optimisation partner

BAE Systems manages a £9bn global supply chain to underpin the critical services we provide to our  industrial customers to support their businesses. Combining this deep operational and engineering experience with our specialist data, digital and security capabilities allows us to work with clients to transform and protect their supply chain performance.


Data-led transformation –  supply chain analytics

Supply Chain OptimisationAchieving visibility across the whole supply chain and understanding the effects of decisions taken in different parts of the process is key to optimisation. To enable this visibility – without costly, slow and complex integration projects – we use data analytics built on supply chain optimisation expertise to bring together a complete view of the supply chain and support better decision making. Our approach is focused on value – and typically returns both financial benefits and service improvement.
We have a strong track record in analytical innovation. For example, we recently introduced a machine learning capability into an Industrial Supply Chain to continually improve ordering accuracy. We partner with specialist supply chain analytics platform provider Concentra to deliver our supply chain analytics service.


Digital transformation – supply chain and mobile workforce technology

Supply Chain TechnologyProviding real-time visibility and tracking of key metrics across the supply chain is critical to successful operational management. We use our modern secure systems integration techniques to deliver new core mission capability to support supply chain operations. Whether it’s a new system to support more accurate forecasting or a full supply chain management transformation, we can help you deliver.


Protecting the supply chain – third party assurance and operational technology

Many organisations have spent a number of years implementing internal controls to manage cyber risk. What is becoming increasingly clear is that this not sufficient to fully protect your organisation; the cyber security risk in your supply chain can be just as critical. We have a scalable, automated service to deliver supply chain cyber assurance at scale.
As supply chains become increasingly automated and integrated with complex manufacturing processes, operational technology security also becomes an important part of risk management. BAE Systems has a dedicated team and an Operational Technology security diagnostics approach to support clients in this specialist area of security.
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