Supply Chain Assurance

Supply Chain Assurance
Understand your supply chain and risk exposure.
Organisations rely on third party suppliers and vendors to deliver their core mission and meet consumer demand. These suppliers can deliver specific services at a lower price point through economies of scale, but it’s often necessary to grant these third parties access to systems and data to fulfil their responsibilities.

This access does not come without its risks. Cyber attacks form one of the biggest threats to businesses, and the potential impact of vulnerabilities in your supply chain is not always well understood. Focusing only on your own organisational security and not considering third-party risks can lead to a false sense of security.

Our Supply Chain Assurance service reveals supply chain risk and provides practical, tailored guidance on how to implement control measures effectively.
Our three-tier approach includes self-assessment, evidence-based analysis and in-depth reviews to enable proportionate cyber risk management specific to your business context.

Our proven methodology and tooling provides answers and practical recommendations to common cyber security questions such as:

  • What does my supply chain look like?
  • What is my supply chain risk?
  • Who has access to my critical business systems and data?
In answering these questions, we create an auditable assessment of individual suppliers and pragmatic recommendations to fix vulnerabilities before they become problems. Results are aggregated to provide an overall view of your supply chain posture and identify key areas of concern.
Our approach is focused on value – and typically returns both financial benefits and service improvement.

Service features include:

  • Risk-based profiling
  • Three-tier assessment model 
  • Based on recognised security standards
  • Automated scheduling and workflow
  • Centralised, secure data repository
  • On-demand MI & reporting
  • Prioritised remediation advice and management
  • Reduced effort for Procurement and Security teams
  • Engineered for scalability and security
  • Cost-effective billing options
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