Security Engineering

Security Engineering
Making critical risk decisions with confidence.
Organisations can no longer assume their systems are secure thanks purely to a good technical design. The proliferation of threats, together with the growing capabilities of attackers, demand defences that can resist, mitigate, limit harm and recover from any breach – which is where BAE Systems’ Security Engineering comes in.

How we help with Security Engineering:

Security Engineering is the technical process by which we are able to either create new secure systems for our customers or assess and improve the security of existing systems. We do this through:
  • Proven methodologies – our approach uses defined tools and templates to ensure rapid and consistent delivery of secure systems
  • Effective risk mitigation – we provide effective risk mitigation by using only the most appropriate controls to manage the risk
  • Improved security – we incorporate security considerations throughout the development of systems, projects and programmes in the most practical, applicable and cost effective manner
  • Managed assurance – we provide clients with traceability from requirements through business case to delivery of secure systems

Through these services, we help our clients:

  • Lower the cost – minimise the cost of unmanaged security threats, and the risk of unplanned spending as a result of an audit finding or security incident;
  • Increase confidence – enable confident management decision-making to counter the cyber threat effectively
  • Continue being effective – allow your business to operate effectively in high-risk environments
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