Rationalising Legacy IT

Rationalising Legacy IT
Unlocking value from and rationalising Legacy IT.
Legacy IT systems drive costs, damage service quality and are unable to support the challenges of today – and tomorrow.

Organisations often find that maintaining and supporting legacy technology consumes the lion’s share of resources, leaving little room for digital innovation. But BAE Systems can help.

How we can help with Legacy IT:

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We help our clients to escape legacy at pace. Our insights, combined with deep experience of both planning and delivery,  ensure our clients can move clear of legacy frustrations and towards a transformed technology portfolio.

Legacy rationalisation strategy and planning

We assess the current architecture and contracts, and identity how an organisation can transition towards a target infrastructure. We also help disaggregate contracts and create modern applications and systems by providing costed plans, a supporting business case and assessing what skills are required.

Environment build and migration from Legacy

We provide the people and tools necessary to ensure the rapid delivery of the legacy rationalisation plan. Our teams combine world class contract and supplier management capabilities with engineers who can address technical issues across a wide range of infrastructure and applications.

Lower cost technology implementation

We support solutions that result in a lower total cost of ownership, including the deployment of outsourced and/ or cloud solutions, or other emerging technologies.

Simulation and emulation

We can provide simulation and emulation of legacy systems to better support transitions towards new technology.
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