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Managed Insight Service

Managed Insight Service
Insight where it matters - actionable insights from your business data.
Getting actionable insights from your business data is a much-needed, but too often failed, aspiration. Research by Gartner shows that 60% of business insight projects will fail to go into production in 2017.
We’ve applied data-driven insight to our customer’s complex problems for over 40 years.
Whether testing new business models, acquiring or retaining customers, or taking costs out of operational processes, BAE Systems can help. Our customers include transport infrastructure providers, telecommunications companies and government departments.
Our Managed Insight Service offers you a new route to achieve actionable insights. It is designed to
consistently overcome traditional barriers to success. 

Managed Insight Service benefits include:

  • Low barrier to entry - Service design to accelerate onboarding, removing technical and business barriers. After signing up you’ll immediately receive analytics credits and we will work with you to provide your first actionable insights 
  • No CAPEX investment in Big Data infrastructure - Our cloud platforms scale on demand to your need and data volumes 
  • No long term technology lock-in - We use the most appropriate tools within our service to avoid long and costly internal architecture assessments 
  • Access to BAE Systems’ established pool of data scientists - All trained through our proven ‘DataLab’ training process
  • Focus on commercial value - The success of the service will be measure by real business value. 
We pride ourselves on being able to solve the most complicated problems, to make a real operational impact.
Our data services span advisory, architecture, migration, engineering and systems integration, analytics and data visualisation.
Contact us to discuss how to achieve actionable insight from your data.