Search and Analysis Module

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The BAE Systems IntelligenceReveal Search & Analysis module provides a federated search capability which allows agencies to simultaneously search across multiple information databases using a single search query.
The Search and Analysis Module helps agencies find the data they’re looking for, no matter where it resides, in fewer clicks and less time.

Powerful Search Capability

The module provides an ability to search across a wide variety of data stored in different databases in different formats (including structured, semi-structured and unstructured data [e.g. communications metadata - CDR, communications content, geolocation data, flight information, ANPR data, open-source data, etc.]).
The results from each data source are gathered, normalised (put into a common format) and stored in a temporary cache (result set). This data is then made available to analysts via a single user interface, which enables efficient analysis of that data and the formulation of a unified intelligence picture that can be achieved within operational time constraints.

Efficient Analysis & Reporting

Conclusions and derived intelligence can be consolidated into reports for onward dissemination and action. The solution enables the right information to be provided to the right person, at the right time, supporting more effective decision-making and speeding up investigations.
The BAE Systems IntelligenceReveal Search & Analysis module is a core capability module, available as a stand-alone product, that is also utilised in several of the BAE Systems IntelligenceReveal solutions.
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