Content Monitoring

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The BAE Systems IntelligenceReveal Content Monitoring product helps Law Enforcement agencies mediate, process and analyse the communications of legally targeted Subject of Interests (SoIs). 
This consists of IP data and Voice Data that is acquired by a CSP as detailed in a warrant served on them by a local national authority. The content monitoring product automatically converts this data into human-friendly formats for inspection.

Communication analysis and interception

The IntelligenceReveal Content Monitoring product enables agencies to obtain crucial information revealing criminal intentions or historical activities and crimes, and to package up evidence for criminal investigations and prosecutions.

Securely stored content

A key component of the product is its ability to package presentable content and metadata from multiple sources in an encrypted container for handoff to attorneys, courts, and those involved in driving a legal procedure in relation to SoIs.

The content acquired under each SoI warrant is handled and stored securely, ensuring that any data which could later form evidence to support legal prosecutions meets sufficient evidential standards for use in court.

The system also provides an audit trail of all user actions, system administrations and interactions or handling of the data.
Network Intelligence Probes Diagram 1

National Security

The Content Monitoring product provides a powerful communications monitoring architecture, which enables agencies to monitor communications for new and known threats, to track the communications between known targets, and to identify SoIs who may warrant further investigation.

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