Industrial Security

Industrial Security
Protecting your critical operational technology.
Industrial processes and their operational technology have historically had little or no connectivity with the outside world. But in recent years, more industrial processes, utilities and factories have become connected with each other and their enterprise networks.
As a result, industrial systems and their operational technology are now exposed to risks and dangers that were never considered in their original design: the threat of malware and cyber-attack.

How we help with Industrial Security:

Tick Icon Image Our engineers have decades of experience in building and maintaining operational and industrial systems which can be protected from cyber attack. 
We can help you understand your threats, identify your risks, prioritise your investments and improve your resilience and safety.

Our range of services includes:

  • Security diagnostic – a quick and cost effective method for assessing the people, processes and technology used to ensure safe and secure  industrial security
  • Security frameworks – the deployment of people, process and technology policies and guidance to help manage and mitigate cyber risk
  • Risk assessment – a detailed risk assessment of an organisation’s industrial systems
  • Security architecture – development of designs, including recommended security controls
  • Security cases – incorporate the cyber threat in the design and development of industrial security
  • Network segmentation – enable secure information exchange between segmented networks so that business processes can operate efficiently
  • Network monitoring – provide visibility of protocol specific data on OT networks, alerting misconfigurations and cyber events to a central command and control system
  • Security assurance – provide independent security assurance and penetration testing
  • Security training – enable an organisation to manage its own cyber risks in the most cost effective way
  • Security advisory – give regular access to professional cyber security engineers
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