Incident Response

Incident Response
Making the right decisions, at the right times.
When a cyber-attack impacts your network and business we are here to help. Our expert emergency Cyber Incident Response services combine our technical skills with strategic guidance to ensure your organisation makes the right decisions at the right times to limit the impact of the attack.

How we help with Incident Response

Tick Icon Image Our teams use world class and in-house developed tools to discover the critical facts fast. If you have fallen victim to a targeted attack, our technology can be rapidly deployed to give unparalleled visibility of malicious behaviour. If a breach of your security has already made the headlines or attracted regulator attention, then our team can help you manage internal and external stakeholders, as well as the press.
Within hours of a call to our 24/7 incident hotline, we respond with remote support from one of our centres of excellence in the UK, US and Australia. We will also rapidly deploy our expert personnel to your site, supported by BAE Systems offices and infrastructure around the globe. 
We are a founding and certified member of the NCSC Certified Incident Response Scheme and CREST certified to provide cyber incident response services to government, critical national infrastructure and other operators of nationally significant networks.

If you have been victim of a breach, contact our 24/7 hotline

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