GDPR Services

GDPR Services
With the right approach, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) obligations can be a business opportunity rather than a burden – if addressed in the right way.

BAE Systems believes that GDPR can be an opportunity to use data as a true business asset for:

  • Managing your compliance obligations by adopting a privacy-led operating model and encouraging a privacy culture across the organisation
  • Harnessing the power of your data by promoting effective and privacy compliant data management practices that enable business to capitalise on the value of data, translate big data analytics into concrete business insights and promote rich data-driven services
  • Safeguarding your data by establishing a robust and efficient data privacy and data security controls framework and enabling privacy by design and by default
  • Enhancing brand trust by promoting a transparent privacy model and rethinking value exchange to enable better customer engagement.
Our data and privacy experts explore the implications of GDPR both from a compliance perspective and as a business enabler.

Our GDPR services include:

  • GDPR Readiness Assessment – conduct a targeted assessment to understand your existing data privacy posture, identify potential GDPR compliance gaps and high risk areas, and define a pragmatic remediation roadmap to meet your regulatory obligations
  • Data Inventory and Data Mapping – execute a detailed data analysis and data mapping exercise driving the identification of your critical data assets and corresponding data flows, enabling you to focus security and privacy efforts where it matters
  • Privacy Target Operating Model – establish a robust privacy policy and process framework, enabled by supporting technology, with compliance governance and oversight to drive the effective implementation of your privacy strategy
  • Privacy by Design Framework – develop an effective policy and process framework, supplemented by a robust Privacy Impact Assessment, adequate change management, architectural and design guidelines and artefacts, allowing you to drive privacy by design and by default across the organisation
  • GDPR-led Technology Transformation – design and implement technology solutions or changes to the existing technology landscape in order to help you meet your GDPR obligations through appropriate tooling, including but not limited to data warehousing solutions, automated data archiving and deletion procedures and organisation-wide consent management solutions
  • GDPR Readiness Programme – support end-to-end GDPR readiness activities through a clearly defined programme of work that focuses on achieving your compliance objectives using a risk based approach, optimising existing data-driven services and technology solutions, helping you protect personal data across the estate and to promote brand trust
  • GDPR Stress Testing and Assurance – provide comprehensive GDPR programme assurance services, as well as simulated GDPR stress testing including: data breach simulation and incident management process review, subject rights testing and response evaluation, and data management practices review and resilience testing
  • Privacy Training and Awareness – leverage a user-centric approach to communication, education and service design to develop a tailored GDPR training and communication plan which will enable you to build a privacy-first culture and drive effective behavioural change across the business
Find out more about GDPR as a Business Enabler or contact one of our experts to discuss your GDPR requirements today.