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DataRetain™ (Data Retention)

DataRetain™ cost effective, market leading Data Retention capability for Communications Service Providers.
DataRetain is the de facto standard solution for helping CSPs comply with national data retention legislation. The solution provides a seamless interface between LEAs and CSP police liaison units.  Highly scalable, distributed and virtualised solution that fits directly into the CSPs IT estate.
Originally developed in close cooperation with several leading CSPs and government agencies in the UK, since its launch over ten years ago, the BAE Systems solution is increasingly being adopted by CSPs across the globe.

DataRetain™ is:

  • top quality, highly-automated responses to LEA data requests with minimal disruption to business operations
  • quick and simple user interface whose workflow management features can be easily configured to adapt to your current business processes
  • provides fast, compact and scalable encrypted data storage and retrieval, capable of storing billions of data records securely. Records are available for retrieval within seconds of being stored and can be retrieved within milliseconds
  • provides a comprehensive audit trail of user transactions, helping assure that retained data is of evidential quality
With over 30 years of experience working with Communication Service Providers we bring to every project; deep domain knowledge helping our clients meet their regulatory obligations in a timely and efficient manner.