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DataBridge™ (Lawful Intercept)

DataBridge™ delivers high performance Lawful Intercept capability to Fixed, Mobile and Satellite communication networks.
Lawful Intercept is at the core of our company heritage, whether it’s high speed backhaul links, interfacing directly with core network switches or integrating with the management and orchestration layer of a Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) environment, we have the product that can deliver.
We work with many of the world’s largest Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and Network Equipment Vendors to delivery market leading regulatory compliance in accordance with local regulations including CALEA, ETSI and 3GPPS.

DataBridge™ is:

  • A Cloud Native lawful intercept product, designed specifically to meet the challenges associated with performing Lawful Intercept in a NFV environment;
  • A high performance mediation capability able to provide 10Gbps throughput per individual target;
  • A feature rich product with an impressive catalogue of supported network interfaces covering a wide variety of network switches, communication protocols and handover formats;
  • A web based tasking and authorisation management interface to support your business processes in managing LEA requests.

With over 30 years of experience working with Communication Service Providers we bring to every project; deep domain knowledge helping our clients meet their regulatory obligations in a timely and efficient manner.
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Transforming Lawful Interception

How can Lawful Interception adapt to changing networks?

In this four-part series of briefing papers, we explore the implications for Lawful Interception in the cloud-native era – and how you can adapt to meet the challenges.
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