Complete Security Monitoring

Complete Security Monitoring: Managed Security Services
Proactive monitoring from endpoint to cloud for complete security visibility - part of our wider MSS portfolio.
Organisations today face a compound and overwhelming set of pressures when trying to keep up with evolving cyber threats:
  • Covering the growing volume, variety and sophistication of both external and internal threats
  • Managing the proliferation of devices, cloud infrastructure and applications outside the traditional network
  • Optimising existing investments in security hardware, software and services
  • Reducing the time and effort it takes to triage and investigate the expanding number of alerts
  • Coping with the security skills shortage and high turnover rates that imped hiring, retention, group productivity and effectiveness
To relieve these pressures, its time to go beyond traditional security monitoring.

Intelligence led

Complete security Monitoring is led by deep intelligence on the threats you face and is not limited by how you choose to operate. We deliver constant real-time monitoring for threat activity across your infrastructure, whatever it looks like.

Relevant data sources and detection content

With the ability to integrate any log source the service has unrivalled data visibility. Because of our data visibility, we can develop and apply detection content to more parts of an organisations infrastructure, making the service more accurate, relevant and meaningful and cutting down on false positives which obscure the truth.

Integrated processes and collaborative response

Complete Security Monitoring is tailored to customer needs and aligned to their unique threat profile and their organisational processes. This understanding of, and integration with, the customer allows information to flow to the right people, in the right format and at the right time. In turn improving the effectiveness and accuracy of threat detection and eliminating delay or friction in the response cycle.
The service includes comprehensive remediation advice, not just alerts. You have access to analysts to discuss every incident. This not only reduces the time to successful incident response, but in important cases, delivers all the information needed (scale, motive, techniques, impact) to give you confidence and control.


The Forrester Wave: Managed Security Services Providers, Q3 2018

BAE Systems was recognised in The Forrester Wave: Global Managed Security Services Providers (MSSP), Q3 2018, looking at the 14 providers that matter most and how they stack up.

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