Communications Intelligence and Multi-Source Analysis

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We live in a digital world, where almost all aspects of modern life are dependent upon the digital domain. For Law Enforcement, Intelligence and Military agencies, the investigation of criminal or terrorist activities now requires information to be gathered from the digital transactions and communications data of users to help them identify and respond to threats.
The BAE Systems IntelligenceReveal portfolio of solutions for Communications Intelligence and Multi-Source Analysis assists agencies in lawfully obtaining digitally sourced intelligence from the data generated by people, events and systems.

Identify and prioritise action against threats

The information IntelligenceReveal helps generate enables agencies to construct an accurate intelligence picture that allows them to identify and then prioritise action against threats.

Flexible, scalable, technology solutions

The BAE IntelligenceReveal portfolio provides flexible, scalable, technology solutions which can be deployed quickly and proportionately, to assist agencies in maximising digitally sourced intelligence. Our products and solutions are continually changing in response to the dynamics of the threat landscape, and operate according to the stringent regulations and laws that exist in the different countries of the customers we serve.

The BAE Systems IntelligenceReveal portfolio

From years of working with customers in this area, our portfolio has evolved into four core offerings. These are shown below, mapped against the different stages of activities which agencies conduct from the collection of data (acquisition) to converting it into intelligence which is then shared with others.
Network Intelligence Probes Diagram 1

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