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AML Transaction Monitoring

Detecting money laundering

AML Transaction Monitoring
The NetReveal® AML Transaction Monitoring solution employs advanced detection analytics and investigator-centric design to help minimise your reputational and regulatory exposure and reduce the cost of compliance.
Financial institutions need to comply with an increasingly complex and evolving regulatory landscape and deliver consistent group compliance standards globally whilst being flexible when these requirements adapt and change.

NetReveal AML Transaction Monitoring solution

The NetReveal AML Transaction Monitoring solution from BAE Systems is an end-to-end software solution that manages all aspects of the anti-money laundering (AML) detection and investigation. Our solution provides a global view of financial crime and the flexibility to monitor, and quickly update an organisation’s AML detection strategies.

Unlike many other solutions, NetReveal does not rely on a set of prescriptive rules and thresholds. It utilises statistical and analytical techniques to identify patterns of unusual and suspicious behaviour by building profiles on each individual customer and comparing their financial activity against expected and peer group norms.

Highlights linkages between cases

Our NetReveal AML Transaction Monitoring solution also quickly highlights linkages between cases which may involve separate transactions, customers, accounts, alerts, cases, documents, products and channels - enabling your investigator to spot suspicious activity that may have gone unnoticed.

Enhanced investigation efficiencies 

In addition to this, the solution also offers enhanced investigation efficiencies through risk-based triage of alerts and customers, and disclosure filing automation.

Effective detection techniques combined with efficient investigation is proven to reduce the cost of compliance, increasing the ROI on IT systems and reduce reputational risk for the financial institution.


Key features

  • Effective risk management covering AML typologies from the FATF, UN, the EU, DFAT and other relevant authorities
  • Open Detection Paradigm - typologies can be reviewed and disclosed to regulators
  • Disclosures, eFiling of regulatory reports - automates the creation, population and filing of regulatory reports in a number of different national and international regulatory format
  • Auditable, repeatable processes with tailored workflow, AML models and reporting functions - to maintain regulatory compliance
  • Proven AML detection efficiency and effectiveness
  • Sophisticated Enterprise Investigation paradigm designed to enhance productivity and support process automation.


NetReveal AML Optimisation Module

Working alongside AML Transaction Monitoring, the AML Optimisation Module enables you to improve detection efficiency without compromising compliance effectiveness. Built for AML analysts, it eliminates the need for costly tuning engagements or advanced statistical training by providing analysts with tuning recommendations and visualizing simulated alert results against actual transactional activity, lowering tuning costs while continuously improving AML Transaction Monitoring accuracy.
  • Named a “RiskTech Quadrant® AML and Transaction Monitoring Category Leader” in the 2017 Financial Crime Risk Management Systems Report