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AML Parameter Optimisation

AML Optimisation
The NetReveal® AML Parameter Optimisation helps financial institutions understand, manage, and improve their anti-money laundering (AML) detection programs, enhancing compliance effectiveness while improving cost and operational efficiency.
Regulators increasingly lean on institutions not only to justify the rationale behind AML model changes, but also validate the efficacy of existing models and the assumptions upon which those models are built.
Financial institutions require intelligent, data-driven tools to measure, enhance, and optimise detection logic for their AML programs, thereby reducing cost by identifying truly suspicious activity while also reducing risk both to the institution and those accountable for compliance.


NetReveal AML Parameter Optimisation

The NetReveal AML Parameter Optimisation solution provides a structured, user-friendly methodology to ensure the continued effectiveness and efficiency of your AML Transaction Monitoring Solution, helping your institution enhance ongoing compliance, increase value, and minimise false positives.
AML Parameter Optimisation enables financial institutions to:
  • Increase coverage – Create an AML program that is both more effective and easier to manage using advanced analytics to uncover risk across product lines
  • Maximise analyst efficiency – Reduce analyst time spent on investigating false positives and focus on highest priority issues
  • Reduce personal and institutional liability – Clearly demonstrate effectiveness, efficiency and ongoing process improvement, mitigating potential reputational and financial harm to both the institution and senior management
  • Stay ahead of the curve – Adapt to the changing financial and regulatory environment with the flexibility to analyse, tune, test, and enact new rules in advance of internal and regulator audits

Key features

  • Parameter Optimisation for Big Data – uses machine learning algorithms to schedule, run and review detection results of a rule-based system to improve accuracy of detection rules. Reduces False Positives by optimisation of parameters that make up the rules to improve efficiency and reduce cost;
  • Profile Store Manager for AML Big Data – helps compliance analysts define, build, and deploy profiles directly within the solution to improve and speed up decisions. Easily simulate True Positive and False Positive rate changes within the production scenarios;
  • Simplified production data synchronisation;
  • Alert trend analysis and scenario simulation;
  • Simulation visualisation and reporting;
  • Model management and change auditing;
  • Backward compatible;

Optimising your AML Transaction Monitoring Solution

The AML Parameter Optimisation solution works in conjunction with the NetReveal® AML Transaction Monitoring solution to analyse investigation outcomes and improve efficiency without compromising compliance effectiveness. Using advance machine learning techniques, AML Parameter Optimisation eliminates time-wasting trial and error, providing analysts with recommended model configurations and the means to test, simulate, and export into production all while maintaining a record for audit.

Named a “RiskTech Quadrant® AML and Transaction Monitoring Category Leader” in the 2017 Financial Crime Risk Management Systems Report.