BAE Systems Partners

Stronger together
Working together to create mutual value for our clients and partners
At BAE Systems, we recognise the value of being part of a wider ecosystem and ability to work with organisations of all sizes and sectors, ranging from hyperscale vendors to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), to academic institutions. Working together with different vendors but towards a common purpose, we can draw expertise from a broad spectrum and deliver tangible value to our customers.
To support our customer community mission we continuously evolve our partner ecosystem to bring in new ideas, capability, and best practices. That’s because remaining ahead of emerging technologies demands more open, collaborative and creative approaches.

Partners benefit from:

Partner benefits •  Our deep understanding of our clients' mission and strategies


•  Our knowledge of our clients' legacy platforms and our data-centric approach to selecting partner capabilities and technological components


•  Our ability to help SMEs access, scale and engage government and secure organisations



Clients benefit from:

Client benefits

  Our ability to work with organisations of all sizes and provide integration capability and capacity building for UK markets and international allies


  Us acting as their proxy and delivering due diligence before bringing new partners on board


  Greater assurance about the protection of their solutions when managed by an assured and trusted partner


  Expediting SME engagements and supporting the government's aim of 33% spend with SMEs to fuel economic growth


  Utilising broad range of advanced technology capabilities of hyperscale vendors as part of bespoke solutions tailored for our specific customers 


Our partner ecosystem:

Partner ecosystem   Industry Specific Innovation - SMEs, thought leaders, industry accelerators

  Cloud, AI & Emerging Technologies - IT, hyperscale & advanced technology vendors

  Delivery-Focused Capabilities - SIs, ISPs, MSPs and client specific technology vendors

  Research and academic excellence - Universities & colleges, trade associations, industry associations & compliance bodies

  Flexible approach to different partnering models - Alliance, channel and reseller partners