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Financial Crime Prevention: Faster. Smarter. Intelligence-led.

The NetReveal financial crime solution suite delivers improved detection and lower total cost of ownership with a single platform for Fraud, Compliance, Anti-money Laundering and Sanctions Screening. It is used by banks, insurers, government departments and law enforcement agencies around the world to provide threat insights, combat criminal threats and enhance competitive advantage. 
NetReveal identifies unusual and suspicious behaviours hidden in the constant flow of data moving around an organisation. It combines machine learning and predictive entity-level analytics with advanced social network analysis to identify risk, criminality and fraud. BAE Systems’ in-depth industry expertise, coupled with innovative and powerful technologies, means that NetReveal identifies irregular activity faster and with more intelligence than conventional systems.

Detects fraud and financial crime at the point of application and throughout the customer lifecycle;

Reduces detection ‘time to market’ by enabling rapid user journeys training predictive models and investigating unsupervised data sets;

Includes transparent governance with full audit and explainability;

Creates profiles based on specific entity group, behavioural analysis and risk classification;

Incorporates comprehensive and flexible case management and investigation workflows.

Anti Money Laundering

Anti Money Laundering

NetReveal employs advanced detection analytics and an investigator-centric design to help financial institutions spot signs of suspicious activity by identifying patterns of unusual behaviour indicative of money laundering or terrorist financing.

Self-service scenario-modelling enables in-house analysts to enhance AML model accuracy, effectiveness and lower false positive alerts without reducing true positives. Analysts can visualise and compare scenario performance, identify underperforming parameters, test changes, and promote them to production – without the need for lengthy and expensive consulting engagements.

Know Your Customer / Customer Due Diligence (KYC / CDD)

KYC CDDVerify a customer’s true identity and ultimate beneficial ownership. Efficiently onboard, verify and continuously risk assess new and existing customers in line with evolving domestic and global Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations.

NetReveal provides a comprehensive and proven enterprise-wide approach to address requirements from initial onboarding and monitoring to enhanced due diligence. Customer information is consolidated from across disparate systems during verification and provides dynamic risk assessment for greater resource allocation and faster onboarding decisions.

Watchlist Management (WLM)

Sanctions and PEP Screening


Screen cross-border international payments and domestic transactions against internal  and third-party aggregator sanction and politically-exposed persons (PEP) lists to comply with local or international regulations.

NetReveal provides a packaged, configurable, risk-based approach for watchlist investigators to facilitate regulatory reporting, transaction interdiction, and asset freezing.

Regulatory Reporting

Regulatory Reporting
Simplifies and automates the FinCEN SAR (Suspicious Activity Reporting) and FinCEN CTR (Currency Transaction Report) reporting business workflows, helping financial institutions stay on top of their regulatory disclosure obligations. 

These two reports provide the basis for our regulatory reporting framework in support of other formats in different global geographies, such as AUSTRAC, FCA, and FinTRAC.

AML Transaction Monitoring


AML Transaction MonitoringNetReveal AML Transaction Monitoring is an end-to-end solution that manages all aspects of anti-money laundering detection, investigation and reporting requirements. Investigator-centric interface helps financial institutions spot signs of suspicious activity, minimisereputational and regulatory exposure and reduce the cost of compliance.

The solution provides a global view of financial crime and offers flexibility to monitor and quickly update an organisation’s AML detection strategies, employing a “white-box” detection engine that can be easily explained to regulators.

AML Optimisation

AML OptimisationNetReveal AML Optimisation is a packaged, user-friendly solution to improve the efficacy of an AML transaction monitoring and detection program. A self-service module that gives financial institutions the ability to define, monitor, and deploy detection profiles for improved anti-money laundering model accuracy, effectiveness and lower false positive alerts without reducing true positives.

It is an analytical solution that works in conjunction with the NetReveal AML Transaction Monitoring solution. In-house analysts can visualise and compare scenario performance, identify underperforming parameters, test changes, and promote them to production – without the need for expensive consulting engagements. Machine learning algorithms can also be scheduled to review detection results of rule-based monitoring systems and propose the optimal parameters that make up those rules.

Managed Analytics for AML


Managed AnalyticsManaged Analytics Service for AML Compliance solution from BAE Systems combines human and machine intelligence to improve the productivity and effectiveness of AML investigative teams, lowers false positive rates, and helps to uncover unrealised risk. A complete approach to enable institutions to improve the performance of their AML operations sustainably for the long term by combining human and machine intelligence through advanced analytics and machine learning.

A team of dedicated domain experts can provide guidance to financial institutions and help investigative teams with parameter optimisation, rule induction, predictive modelling, negative investigations, alert prioritisation, automated model tuning services and much more.

Transaction Filtering

Transaction FilteringNetReveal Sanctions and PEP Screening solution helps financial institutions comply with internal, domestic and international watch list enforcement regulations by identifying high-risk and sanctioned individuals and entities. The solution enables institutions to rapidly screen, detect and track beneficial owners and their linkages in real-time – all while delivering accurate and productive alerts. A SWIFT - Certified Solution Provider for 10 years.
The solution compares attributes of the person making the payment, or attributes of the person receiving the payment, against attributes of known persons or entities that are maintained in watch lists.

Case Management

Enterprise Case Management

NetReveal Enterprise Case Management spans the entire financial crime, risk, fraud and compliance functions. It is an open and flexible case management platform that provides a 360 view of your customer’s lifestyle.


It efficiently organises data inputs (including third-party data), prioritises and centralises alerts and incidents into one enterprise-wide investigation platform to help manage investigations.

Payments Fraud

Payments FraudIdentify and block payment fraud faster and smarter using the latest behavioural profiling, anomaly detection and machine learning techniques.

NetReveal Payments Fraud employs a combination of predictive analytics and machine learning techniques to uncover suspicious behaviour across all channels. The solution helps banks meet fraud threshold targets and as a result reduce the barriers for accessing new opportunities whilst keeping their services closed to criminals.

Application Fraud and Account Monitoring

Application Fraud and Account Monitoring


Identify suspicious individuals, behaviours and relationships at the point of application and throughout the account lifecycle.

NetReveal Application Fraud and Account Monitoring spots discrepancies in the application process in real-time, and assesses fraud risk over the life of the account, stopping criminals from entering your organisation and continuously monitoring those already in your customer base.

Market Abuse and Trade Surveillance

Fraud PreventionThe introduction of the revised Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) and others has triggered a shift in regulatory supervision. There is now an increasing expectation for the use of data analytics in surveillance controls.

NetReveal Trade Surveillance monitors trading activity and protects against operational losses caused by breaches in dealing rules and rogue trading incidents.
It is a proven solution to help meet MAR and similar requirements across all asset classes. It offers white-box detection scenarios and advanced behavioural analytics.

Unauthorised Trading


Unauthorised Trading and Insider Fraud


Monitor trading activity and protect against operational losses caused by breaches in dealing rules and rogue trading incidents.

NetReveal Unauthorised Trading identifies risks from seemingly unrelated data and relationships, creating a single integrated view of traders, portfolios, counterparties, and other entities across disparate systems and groups.

Property & Casualty Insurance Fraud

Insurance Fraud
Provides insurers with the ability to detect, investigate and prevent fraud, at the point of claim, policy inception and even at point of quote, while at the same time minimising the impact on genuine claimants and streamlining them through the claims process.
The solution uncovers suspicious behaviour by identifying, linking and scoring people, places, events, businesses and other claim and policy attributes; using machine learning and network analytics to uncover how they are connected — drawing data from an insurer’s portfolio — from motor and home to liability, commercial, casualty and specialty lines books of business.

Tax Fraud and US Healthcare Fraud


Healthcare FraudNetReveal Tax Fraud solution from BAE Systems provides government departments with the ability to detect, investigate and prevent fraud at the point of transaction or retrospectively, while also improving customer service for legitimate applicants. Creating a single view of all individuals, companies, addresses and other entities, the solution identifies cases with a high risk of error, non-compliance, debt, fraud or serious criminal activity.

NetReveal applies a wide range of proven fraud and non-compliance detection models to automatically search for network patterns. By fusing all your tax and third party data, it identifies suspicious activity using a holistic view of the information available.