MCA Awards 2019 BAE Systems Applied Intelligence was highly commended for our Home Office Biometrics (HOB) Mobility project and as Consulting Excellence firm of the year, at the prestigious Management Consultancies Association (MCA) awards that took place recently in London.
Together with James Hatch, who was nominated as Thought Leader Consultant of the Year for his pioneering work on The Intelligence Network, our nominees faced off against more than 40 companies competing across 21 award categories, including five individual awards and 12 project awards.

Excellence in Consulting

MCA Awards 2019 Highly Commended We were delighted to be highly commended by the MCA for Consulting Excellence. The judges were looking for “evidence of exemplary and high standards of consulting practice, including in Ethical Behaviour, Client Service and Value and Professional Development”.
As outlined in our Consulting Excellence brochure, we take a simple approach to delivering the highest levels of service to our clients. We hire the right people in the right roles, and support them with an organisational structure and working methodologies that allow them to stay close to the needs of our customers. The best people combined with the best processes, methodologies, frameworks and accelerators; it’s a basic principal that has an immense effect.
“Our company values mean that we strive for excellence,” says Charles Newhouse, Global Consulting Director. “We seek to put the customer at the centre of everything we do, challenging ourselves to always view the world from their perspective. Our culture, methodologies and processes seek to ensure high quality and consistency of delivery whilst allowing flexibility to meet the specific needs of the situation. We constantly seek feedback, taking every opportunity to improve.”

Gender Diversity Toolkit – from talk to action

As a finalist, we were able to illustrate the success of our approach by highlighting examples of client service and value. We drew specific attention to our ground-breaking Gender Diversity Toolkit, a tool which offers a unique, effective method of measuring the effectiveness of diversity and inclusion efforts within organisations and across the consulting industry.
By measuring diversity and inclusion on an eight axis maturity scale, the toolkit provides a structured framework from which targeted, tangible and value-creating action plans can be devised and deployed, resulting in a positive impact on the company, our clients, our partners, and the industry as a whole.
The toolkit sends a clear message to our staff and the entire engineering industry that we are a responsible employer who is not only aware of the issues surrounding gender diversity, but committed to action, rather than just discussion.
"I’m delighted that the value of the toolkit is being recognised, especially as an example of consulting best practice. Being shortlisted for this award shows that as a company we value not just what we do, but also how we do it." Maya Kolaska, Business Analyst at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
"If you want to positively impact gender diversity but don’t know where to start or which actions to prioritise then the Gender Diversity Toolkit provides a framework for you to do this. It also provides a measure of inclusivity which can really help organisations and teams to clearly see what’s making a difference."

Home Office Biometrics

Working with the Home Office, BAE Systems created a platform for vendors to build new solutions designed to suit the needs of individual forces while reducing costs and still enabling nationwide integration.
As a result of this work, police officers can now use a small plugin for their existing mobile devices which provides integration with their mobile application suite and also call on the backend interface to run the captured finger print against national collections. Each force is able to use their own mobile devices and application platforms to complete the link between the devices and the backend service.
“It’s great to be recognised for the important work we did in helping to transform frontline policing.” Dylan Langley, Home Affairs and Justice Engagement Lead at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
“This Home Office Biometrics mobility solution saves police forces money, and allows many more police officers to have this capability and for it to be much more valuable through greater integration. This enables them to be more effective and spend more time on the frontline. We are proud to have helped move this project from idea to impact.”

The Intelligence Network

James Hatch was nominated as Thought Leadership Consultant of the Year for developing BAE Systems’ The Intelligence Network, a global community of like-minded cyber and financial crime professionals and industry influencers committed to creating a safer society in the digital age.
The purpose of The Intelligence Network is to understand, explain and tackle the enduring challenges of cyber security to improve collaboration, simplicity and certainty. James, Director of Cyber Security Portfolio, says that the Network underlines the value of coming together as an industry.
“The Intelligence Network works as a community to solve the challenges we face in a spirit of openness, collaboration and trust,” he explains. “In today’s digital world, only a truly collective approach to changing leadership, culture, behaviour and process will address the evolving threat posed by cyber crime to all sections of society.”
The Intelligence Network

The Intelligence Network

Safeguarding society in the digital world

The purpose of The Intelligence Network is to understand, explain and tackle the enduring challenges of cyber security to improve collaboration, simplicity and certainty.
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