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The telecom industry is at an inflection point. 5G is expected to bring a significant revenue growth opportunity following years of flat revenue in the telecoms market. New revenue streams in the consumer segment as well as a more proactive role in enterprise digitisation will enable Communications Service Providers (CSPs) providers to benefit from the 5G wave.
Success will depend on escaping the shackles of legacy infrastructure and modernising the network with emerging technologies like Software Defined Network (SDN) and virtualisation. Geo-specific regulatory directive like GDPR and Cloud Act need to be managed well too. Compliance is another area that can impact the speed of change. Develop a holistic strategy across all these areas and you will have a winning recipe.

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Telecoms operators in the eye of the cyberstorm image tile

Telecoms operators in the eye of the cyberstorm

Complimentary market research

This new market research examines the cybersecurity challenges faced by telco’s and customers reliant on their infrastructure and services.
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Mitigating Cyber Risk in Telecoms

Telecommunications Insights

A new report from BAE Systems examines what are the threats that concern CSPs most today, and which strategies could help to mitigate these?
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Find a reliable partner in BAE Systems to help you navigate transformative technologies and support your journey towards cloud-native era.​
Telecommunications Insights

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