BAE Systems Space:
Strength through partnership

Helping the United Kingdom secure freedom of action in space
Securing and assuring space to enable information advantage and integrated multi-domain operations
The services offered by future space technology will be an integral part of our daily lives. They will also be game changing in the agility and tempo of defence and security operations. The democratisation of this once restricted domain gives the UK the ability to become a significant space power by harnessing the very best technology and skills.
At BAE Systems Digital Intelligence, we’re working hard to help the UK achieve this goal by ensuring our space capabilities are secured, assured and resilient. We’re collaborating closely with the high technology UK space industry and government organisations to ensure the holistic capability is sustainable and competitive.
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Innovation in Space for Advantage on Earth

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From protecting citizens to securing communications and defending nations. Learn more about BAE Systems Space capabilities.
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Exploring the frontier

Satellite icon From financial transactions to military operations, global trade to global security, being able to move data securely and confidently underpins everything we do in the modern digital world. Space gives us that reach, enables those trusted connections and is at the heart of the UK’s plans to achieve military and economic prowess on the world stage.

The UK government is developing a national defence and security capability with space at its heart and which will ensure freedom of action. This will require collaboration not only across the entire government but also in terms of systems architecture and common use of facilities such as ground stations.
We believe this collaboration should extend across the UK space industry, with partnerships providing cutting edge capabilities and streamlined supply chains.  This will help create solutions that optimally blend top secret technologies with commercial off the shelf products, embracing the flexibility and low cost of satellite launch to provide and sustain a secure and dependable operational service.

It’s a new dawn and we are proud to be playing our part in helping push it forward

When we think space we must think wider still. We must integrate space with the other domains of air, land, maritime, and cyber. Speed of change is vital. Close collaboration between government and industry requires clear communication and commitment. And this will help deliver a single integrated data landscape, assured and secured, affording the ability to take any information from anywhere in the world by any means and deliver it to where it is needed, and exactly when it is needed.
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This means integrating space with cloud, with communications and routing systems, with cyber security controls, with terrestrial assets. Exploiting Beyond Line Of Sight capabilities to stand up and stand down specialist mission networks with the data volumes, veracity and tempo our forces need to win.

A broad range of capabilities are relevant in this Space:

  • Delivery of large scale data network architectures
  • Layered resilience services
  • Command & control of space assets 
  • Securing ground station capabilities
  • Position navigation and timing
  • Cyber security 
  • Manufacturing 

We have been working in this ‘Space’ for more than two decades

We have specialist technologies in waveforms, electronics, antenna and digital signal processing and analytics with 20 years in ground based signal processing for various space agencies.  Our capabilities enable sovereign, secure and resilient data sharing between different platforms – land, sea, air and space.

Our expertise in Space in built around three pillars of strength:

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